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A more personal alternative to the big providers

Infinity Homecare was started by Laguna Estate Manager Renee Blake in 2016 to provide the residents with an alternative to the big healthcare providers. Having listened for many years to the various frustrations experienced by her residents Renee determined to establish a company dedicated to providing a level of care which was more personal, more professional, more respectful and one which recognised the needs and wishes of the individual. 

The best home care in the Noosa district

 Today Renee and Infinity Homecare Manager, Rachel Townsend-Wulff, proudly oversee a team of ten who provide Noosa’s best home care services. Supporting clients both within Laguna Estate and the Noosa area Infinity provides Government and privately funded health care services that enable freedom and quality of life within the home.

Rachel Townsend-Wulff & Renee Blake

Renee Blake – Manager Laguna Estate | Founder Infinity Homecare

“When I was at school I hated going to sport so as an elective I chose go to a local Nursing Home and sit with the residents. I never made a conscious decision to move into retirement living or aged care, but years later it seemed to find me.

My late husband was working in a retirement village as a carpenter when he suddenly died of a heart attack, at the age of 31. I was just 29 and had two children aged four and five. The owner of the village offered me a job in sales, because I suspect, he felt sorry for me. The village had 595 self-care villas, 102 assisted care apartments and two, 102 bed nursing homes and an 80 bed dementia specific. I worked there for almost twelve years and learned so much about our industry.

Eventually the village was bought out by a huge company and it was then I learnt how impersonal things can become. It was an incredibly hard decision to leave but I was offered the job at Laguna Estate, owned then by three gentlemen from Sydney who have been a joy to work with.

At that point Laguna was run down. with 32 empty villas and 13 empty assisted care apartments – however it was smack bang in the middle of paradise.

We start a refurbishment program to the villas as well as major renovations to the front office and dining room. Next, we started demolishing and rebuilding lovely modern villas like the ones we have today. Twelve years later I’m proud to say that Laguna Estate has a waiting list.

During my time at Laguna I was trying to work out how I could bring care into the village to enable us to keep our residents here. Residents would tell me their tales of woe from one of the big providers: different unknown carers coming into their homes or not turning up at all, carers complaining how they did not feel supported and no consistency with the hours or days they visited.

I thought, how difficult can this be? The Laguna Directors welcomed the idea that we would become one of the first to incorporate home care into a retirement village. But for me it was simple; I just wanted to provide outstanding care.

With Infinity established 4 years in 2020, I am pleased to say we are doing everything and more I set out to do. We have happy residents, happy family members, and very happy staff, of whom I am incredibly proud.

It certainly has not been as easy as I expected; however, I am blessed to have Infinity Homecare Manager, Rachel Townsend-Wulff, who comes with an enormous amount of knowledge and understands what I’m looking to achieve. As a team we are all working to be the best home care provider in the Noosa district.

Most importantly, when we have a resident needing to change a care issue, we can accommodate them because we are right here. Or, they can just walk into our office because they need help with appointments. They are dealing with genuine carers, not people sitting in a city business block who have no idea who they are.

I know that is why I did this.”

Rachel Townsend-Wulff - Manager | Infinity Homecare

Graduating as a Registered Nurse in England in 1990 when training was done solely in the hospital setting, Rachel then specialised in Spinal Cord Injury Nursing in 1991 before emigrating to Australia in 1993 with her husband. She completed her Bachelor Health Science (Nursing) in 1995 at Western Sydney University.

Rachel gained her Training and Assessment qualification in 2012 working for Epilepsy Australia and The Sydney Children’s Hospital Anaphylaxis program as a Registered Trainer, educating school staff and health workers on managing these conditions.

Working for 15 years in an Acute Setting of a large University Hospital in Sydney while her three daughters were growing up, there was always a desire to move out of the task-oriented hospital environment.

Rachel started working in the community in 2009 in Sydney and when her family’s “sea change” brought her to Noosa in 2018, she came to Infinity Homecare. This progression has allowed Rachel to fulfil her desire to find an organisation where she can have the time to spend with clients and families, supporting them through the age care process and making sure they understand the aged care information they need to access services.

Rachel is passionate about having a no-rush approach, to be able to spend time to understand the client’s and their carers individual needs, situation, dreams and wishes. At Infinity Homecare she is instrumental in helping provide quality services that go above and beyond to truly exceed expectations.

Rachel believes that having structure and organisation is important, however she thrives and is proud of their ability to be flexible, approachable and contactable – key to happy clients, families and staff and to maintaining our sense of community.

offices located at

13-21 Lake Weyba Drive
Noosaville QLD 4560